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Freighttakers LLC, is a logistic transportation provider for shippers that have a need for freight transportation. Our vision is to become one of the most used services for booking reputable and qualified transportation companies for shippers. We share many years of knowledge between us of the transportation industry, including 22 years with the US Army in Transportation.


Our team of Master Brokers® have earned the insight of the workings of the transportation industry. We have the training and technical expertise with years of experience working with several carriers and shippers.

Our commitment to achieving excellence has earned our team the title of Master Brokers®, thus proving our capability to match shippers with carriers at lightning speed at an economical rate. We have contracted the services of experienced backhaulers to offer our customers better and improved carrier rates.

Backhaulers offer quicker service and affordable rates due the shipment traveling to one location to both drop and pick up shipments. Freighttakers is equipped with the latest technology to keep customers informed throughout the process, from pickup to delivery.

We have the Motor Carriers DOT credentials and insurance before they consign their load. As transportation specialists, we are dedicated to resolving shippers’ problems by offering the lowest rates and pairing them with reliable carriers.

Additionally, we strive to set Freighttakers apart from other independent freight brokerage firms by building a customer-centric approach by working for the shipper and ensuring their shipping needs are taken care of. Our long-term goal is to expand the business both nationally and globally. With our commitment to excellence, we strongly feel that our shippers will be excited and enthused to use our services again.

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